HTML5 Introduction

What is HTML?

HTML is called as Hyper Text Markup Language.  HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. HTML describes the structure of a Web page. HTML contains series of elements like html,head, body, h1, h2, p, br, span,div, tag etc..

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest version and next major revision of the HTML standard. HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web.

  • The latest versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera all support many HTML5 features.
  • HTML5  provides standard elements for media objects like audio, video etc. You can embed audio or video on your web pages without using third-party plugins.
  • HTML5 provides a number of new elements and attributes like <header>, <footer>, and <section> that can help you to build modern websites.
  • HTML5 provides Canvas elements that can help you to build a two-dimensional drawing surface that you can program with JavaScript.
  • HTML5 provides geolocation elements that can help you to share their physical location with your web application.
  • HTML5 provides drag and drop features that can help you to drag and drop the items from one location to another location on the same webpage.

HTML Syntax :

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <meta charset = "utf-8">
      <title> Website page title here........</title>
           Logo here.............
          <nav> Menu here....</nav>
                 Content goes here........
      <aside> Left Or Right side of page content......</aside>


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