PHP __clone() method

PHP __clone() method is used to create a copy of an object. Objects are always passed by reference or address in Copy Constructor using __clone() method.

Copy Constructor will pass the address of the other objects as a parameter.

Syntax :

$copy_object = clone $object;


Example :

class copyConstructor {
public $name;

public function __construct($name){ // parameterized constructor with name argument
$this->name = $name;
echo "<br>Inside parameterized constructor<br>";
public function __clone(){
echo "<br>Inside copy constructor<br>";
$obj1 = new copyConstructor ("aryatechno"); // parameterized constructor with name argument
$obj2= clone $obj1; // copy constructor initialize $obj2 with the values of $obj1
echo "<br/>Value from parameterized constructor : ".$obj1->name;
echo "<br/>Value from copy constructor : ".$obj2->name;


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