what is difference between php4 and php5?

Let see below Difference in php4 and php5 for PHP Tutorial.

- PHP4 doesn’t support __construct and __destruct (Unified construct and destruct).
- PHP 4 doesn’t support E_STRICT.
E_STRICT means it will notify you when you use depreciated code.
- PHP 4 doesn’t support Passed by Reference(& operater). Only pass by value

- PHP 4 doesn’t support access specifier public, private , protected(Data Encapsulation).
- PHP$ doesn’t support Magic Functions like __construct, __destruct,
__call, __get, __set

- PHP 5 also has a new improved MySql extension called MySqli.

- The new PHP 5 object model has many new features which include:
• Encapsulation (visibility)
• Abstract Classes
• Interfaces
• Destructors
• Type Hinting


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