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vue.js Form Bindings

Vue.js provides powerful and convenient features for handling forms. Form bindings in Vue.js are typically achieved using the v-model directive, which creates a two-way binding between the form input elements and the underlying data in your Vue instance.

1. Basic Input Binding:

Use v-model to bind form input elements to data properties.


<input v-model="message">

In this example, the message data property in your Vue instance will be bound to the value of the input field. Changes to the input field will update the message property, and changes to the message property will update the input field.

2. Text Area Binding:

v-model can also be used with <textarea> elements.


<textarea v-model="textareaContent"></textarea>

Here, the textareaContent property will be bound to the content of the textarea.

3. Checkbox Binding:

For checkboxes, v-model binds a boolean value indicating whether the checkbox is checked.


<input type="checkbox" v-model="isChecked">

In this example, the isChecked property will be true if the checkbox is checked and false otherwise.

4. Radio Button Binding:

Radio buttons can be grouped together, and v-model is used to bind the selected value.


<input type="radio" v-model="selectedOption" value="option1">
<input type="radio" v-model="selectedOption" value="option2">

Here, the selectedOption property will be assigned the value of the selected radio button.

5. Select Binding:

v-model is used with <select> elements to bind the selected option.


<select v-model="selectedFruit">
<option value="apple">Apple</option>
<option value="banana">Banana</option>
<option value="orange">Orange</option>

In this case, selectedFruit will be assigned the value of the selected option.

6. Custom Input Components:

You can create custom input components and use v-model to bind them to data properties.


<custom-input v-model="customInputValue"></custom-input>

In this case, the customInputValue property will be bound to the custom input component.


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