PHP oops - Destructor

What is PHP oops - Destructor?

A destructor is called when the object is destructed or release any object from its memory.

A destructor is used to clean up resources from the memory.

You can define destructor by using __destruct function.

A Destructor method doesn't take any arguments

A Destructor does not return any data type.

The automatic destruction of class objects is handled by PHP Garbage Collector.

A Destructor is just called before de-allocating memory for an object or during the finish of execution of PHP scripts or as soon as the execution control leaves the block.

PHP Syntax:

function __destruct()

PHP Example :

// code by aryatechno!
class Tutorials
    function __construct()
        echo "Learn php Course  __destruct at aryatechno!";
    function __destruct(){
      echo "<br>Object is destroyed";

$learn = new Tutorials();



Learn php Course __destruct at aryatechno!
Object is destroyed





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