PHP oops - What is Object?

An Object is an instance of class. PHP Object is used to access properties and methods of class.

A variables are called properties and functions are called methods in class. We can call member methods of class using object.

We can create multiple objects from a class. Each object will have different property values.

We can create new object using "new" operator as per as below.

PHP Syntax:

Object variable name = new keyword class name;


class  Class_name{

        function getMethod()
             //code to be executed!

  $obj= new Class_name;



new keyword  is used to allocate memory for object.

PHP Example :

class Game{
    public $name;
    function set_game($name)
    function get_game()
         return $this->name;

 $cricket = new Game();
 $hockey = new Game();
 $football = new Game();
 echo "</br>I would like to play ".$cricket->get_game();
 echo "</br>I would like to play ".$hockey->get_game();
 echo "</br>I would like to play ".$football->get_game();


I would like to play Cricket
I would like to play Hockey
I would like to play Football


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