PHP oops - $this Keyword

$this keyword is used to access current properties and methods in a class. $this is used to point the current object of class in php.

We can also use $this to call one member function of a class inside another member function.

$this keyword is used to access non-static members of the class.

PHP Syntax:


PHP Example :

// code by aryatechno!
class Tutorials
     public $name;
     function get_topic()
         return $this->name;
     function set_topic($name)
         $this->name = $name;

$topic = new Tutorials();

$topic->set_topic("How to Learn this Keyword");
echo "Topic is ".$topic->get_topic();


Topic is How to Learn this Keyword

Explaination : As above example, $this keyword is used to assign and  retrive the value of $name variable of class Tutorials; $this keyword is used to point current object of class Tutorials. We can access all properties of class Tutorials using $this keyword inside class Tutorials.


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